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WHY Your Company Needs SD-WAN

WHY your company needs SD-WAN

If you already have it then you know the benefits.

However, something that’s just as important as selecting the correct SD-WAN technology is choosing the right partner you can trust to ensure your network is up and running 24/7. The key differentiation between MPLS and SD-WAN is when using software-defined networking your organization will elect to use the public internet to send your data to and from cloud hosted applications as opposed to more of a private connection via MPLS. Now although this SD-WAN approach is much more cost effective, internet circuits can still fail. Even when you’ve set it up to have multiple circuits running in parallel you’ll still need the right partner to ensure you have uptime you can count on. If your internet circuits fail Vology calls the ISP on the customer’s behalf to ensure the Internet Service Providers are holding true to their SLAs.

Another key benefit is application bandwidth prioritization. In more simple terms, this is the ability to ensure your most important applications have the internet bandwidth they need to keep working even if internet speeds slow down.

Another issue to consider is your security and where your business applications are located. Do you have private and important data stored on cloud-based apps? If you want to maintain your security while optimizing your application performance, you should consider SD-WAN. If your company requires a lot of bandwidth, but you need a cost-effective solution to manage it, this is the solution for you.

Some important questions to ask yourself when considering hiring a company to manage your SD-WAN:

  • Look for a company that provides support for all your business’ SD-WAN needs: WAN Path Performance, Application Performance and Status, QoS and Bandwidth Usage.
  • When your technology fails, you want a company that commits to not only monitoring your uptime, but one that holds the network providers accountable on your behalf to keep your networks up and running without a hitch.
  • Find a company that will ensure that all your devices are operational and connected to the customer environment 24/7.
  • You want a high-quality experience that maximizes the full potential of your SD-WAN strategy. If you don’t have a quality partner you could be paying for inadequate service.

Companies like Vology provide you with an overseer of uptime, and they are experts in quality of service and the overall experience. You want to hire someone you can trust. Vology not only honors their commitment to quality, but they show you how they add value by sending you weekly, monthly and quarterly reports so you stay in the know on the strength of your network and business. Learn more here.


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