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Vology & Digital Hands Provide Threat Defense At Machine Speed

Vology & Digital Hands Provide Threat Defense at Machine Speed

Vology is now partnering with Digital Hands to provide next-gen Security Offerings for your business.

Digital Hands is a Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides continuous monitoring 24-7-365 to improve your company’s security while constantly detecting, analyzing, preventing and immediately responding to cybersecurity threats. If you are currently using cybersecurity methods without Ai you should consider the benefits of having an in-house cyber security system that utilizes both the power of people and Ai-powered technology.  

With Vology and Digital Hands your organization can be protected by world class security solutions. In particular to the Partnered SIEM offering, as a security event occurs, Digital Hands will send the alert notification to Vology with a full list of alert details, potential causes, and recommended actions for remediation. Vology then takes action to fight back against the security threat and to keep your network safe. Together we monitor and analyze security-related alerts around the clock so that you can have peace of mind that your organization is always protected.

In addition to SIEM our partnership with Digital Hands and Vology also provide:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (CYGuard EDR)- this means we not only consistently monitor threats,  but we can immediately remove an infected workstation from the network to prevent the spread of malicious software in your environment . We recognize threats and take action immediately to solve the problem.  
  • Firewall security monitoring – Vology makes sure your network traffic is optimally managed while Digital Hands makes sure it is safe and secure. Together we provide proactive threat blocking, security monitoring and alerting, and log retention.  
  • Security assessments – our security assessment empowers your company with actionable data so that you can see the health and overall security posture of your network. We show you any malware threats, potential security breaches, vulnerabilities, and other threats your organization might be facing. This proactive approach means problems get solved before they can cause any harm, and ensures your organization continues on without a hitch. 
  • Email and Collaboration Tools  – proactive protection for your email 24/7, which means we protect you from phishing and malware before it even hits your inbox. In addition, we protect your collaboration tools such as Teams, Slack, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive.

Reach out today to see where your organization may be left vulnerable to cyber threats. Contact us Today!

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