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Tom York

Tom has an extensive background in the technology sector. During his 31-year career with IBM, he spent the 1st half as a high level IT engineer/consultant and the 2nd half as a senior executive leading large IT professional services and technical support business units. His career highlights include leading the professional and infrastructure services business units in both Silicon Valley and the Seattle technology sector. As Vice President of Maintenance & Technical Support, Americas, he led a $4.5B service and support business. As Vice President of Global Strategy, Maintenance & Technical Support, he was responsible for the strategy around an $11B global service and support portfolio.

After IBM, Tom has served as an advisor and then CEO of two mid-market IT services companies owned by two different private equity firms. With the first company, Tom led a re-engineering effort to implement a new business model and supporting infrastructure. In the second assignment, Tom was brought in to reposition the company to make it competitive again.

Tom has a passion for building high performing teams and enabling people to be successful. He serves on the board of Northern Kentucky University’s College of Informatics and is Chairman of the Board of the Service Industry Association, a global non-profit association for IT service companies. Tom obtained his degree from Eastern Kentucky University, Accredited School of Applied Engineering & Technology.