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How Vulnerable Are You?

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Organizations need to take a proactive and repetitive approach to addressing IT security concerns and mitigating risk. Legal exposure, regulatory requirements and reputational risk all demand prioritization of IT security and periodic assessment of systems.

Vology’s security assessment program includes a comprehensive review of your company’s current policies, procedures, networks, applications, websites, systems, configurations and facilities to give you a better understanding of where you stand.

Additionally, Vology offers Security Risk Assessments to meet a variety of compliance requirement needs such as HIPAA Risk Assessments, GLBA Risk Assessments, PCI Risk Assessments and ISO 27001 Risk Assessments. Our Security Risk Assessment methodology allows us to tailor a custom assessment to meet your organization’s specific needs.

By taking a real-world, comprehensive approach, Vology’s Security Risk Assessment will provide actionable steps you can take to improve your overall security and reduce your risk quickly.

What’s Involved in a Security Risk Assessment?

Initial Discussion

Vology schedules a call to discuss your organization, your IT procedures and your goals for the Security Risk Assessment process.

Onsite Discovery

Our team of experts will spend time at your location(s) to perform an onsite review of your technology and processes.


Vology’s security analysts take the information gathered during our onsite visit and begin identifying threats and vulnerabilities, your system’s current security controls and its risk levels.

Final Report

Once all the analysis is complete, you will receive a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment report summarizing your infrastructure architecture and components, vulnerabilities and risks recommended safeguards and overall compliance.

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