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Fact:  7% of U.S. organizations lost $1M or more as a result of cybercrime, while 19% of U.S. organizations reported losses of $50K or more.

Your Business’ Success Rests On A Pen.

A penetration test, also called a pen-test, is an exercise to evaluate the strength of an organization’s cybersecurity defenses by systematically exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist in operating systems, applications, improper configurations and/or risky end-user behavior. This assessment is also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms and security policies.

Penetration tests are performed by cybersecurity experts known as ethical hackers who use manual and automated technologies designed specifically to compromise any available points of exposure. These points may be applications, endpoints, WiFi connections, firewalls, routers, printers, etc.

The ethical hackers will simulate the same process that malicious hackers might utilize to gain unauthorized access. Once access has been achieved, the team may utilize the compromised system to gain access into other connected systems (clients, vendors, etc.) or attain deeper access to digital assets, such as financials, employee files, client data and more.

Upon completion of the pen-test exercise, any vulnerabilities identified are compiled into a report and presented in a debriefing along with strategic recommendations for remediating findings.

The overall purpose of the test is to gauge the strength of existing security systems and policies and to identify the repercussions of existing vulnerabilities by allowing the ethical hackers to exploit any and all avenues that a malicious actor may pursue.

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