Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

Know Your Weaknesses

Discover Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do.

Identifying and quantifying security vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems is critical in today’s environment. Both penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are essential tools to help your business develop a solid and secure threat and vulnerability management process.

Although often erroneously used interchangeably, both distinct services provide critical information about your organization’s security posture.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scans are performed on a regular basis to check for any potential holes or weak points in your company’s network. Routine audits of your network help proactively address potential entry points for malicious code, viruses and hackers. Vology’s Vulnerability Scanning services can provide you with monthly, quarterly or continuous scanning and alerts, along with regular reporting on your network’s performance and threats/risks.

Penetration Testing

Vology’s experienced engineers will test your network, procedures and people in real world tests designed to gauge the overall security of your environment.

Our Penetration Testing services will give you a full assessment of how well your company is prepared for an attempted breach, as well as a complete report of where you succeeded and where you failed.

By thoroughly testing your entire security process, Vology can provide you in-depth knowledge of where and how to spend your resources to optimize your efforts and significantly increase your company’s security preparedness.

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