IT Audit Remediation

Get Some Serious Binary Brawn

Cyber Threats Evolve Quickly, Which Means Policies and Procedures Must Keep Pace.

With Vology’s IT Audit Remediation services, we can help craft security policies and procedures, remediate technology issues and develop new IT processes to ensure your company is prepared for any certification or accreditation challenge.

Third party security and compliance audits can provide invaluable insight into your company’s current compliance and risk environment. Meeting the requirements for regulations including HIPAA, PCI or ISO can be a difficult task and leave you with a long list of policies, procedures, updates and configurations that need to be created, modified or updated after the auditors have left.

We work with your internal IT staff to help translate security policy and procedures into real-world technology knowledge, empowering your staff to better ensure the security of your systems and data.

The benefits of Vology’s IT Audit Remediation services:

  • Review audit results and provide remediation for all risk, security and compliance issues
  • Design new IT processes to meet compliance and technical needs
  • Remediate technical issues as needed to meet compliance requirements
  • Ongoing monitoring of your environment/ infrastructure to ensure issues are proactively remediated for follow up audits
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