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One of the worst-case scenarios for any IT manager, as it pertains to cybersecurity, is the realization that an incident may have occurred in which systems were compromised or accessed by unauthorized parties. Our team of cyber forensics experts focus on the following three main objectives during a Digital Forensics Investigation:

  • Identify how the intruder gained access. We will perform a complete analysis to develop a timeline of events that led to the incident and discover how the intruder managed to gain unauthorized access to the system.
  • Determine the extent of exfiltrated or compromised data. Our Cyber Forensic Investigations team will perform a preliminary assessment as to the extent of damages and potential ramifications before performing a detailed analysis. Once it is determined that unauthorized agents gained access, it is critical to determine how far they were able to go. Our team will develop a timeline of events and use logs, events and other information to reconstruct the crime scene and get to the root of the incident.
  • Take steps to prevent reoccurrence of incident. Our cybersecurity specialists will discover existing and potential vulnerabilities in the system and will take steps to reduce the risk of future cybersecurity incidents.

We Base Our Digital Forensic Investigations on 3 Fundamental Principles:

  1. Conform to higher ethical standards. Investigations will be conducted with professionalism, and use strict procedures for dealing with incidents. Evidence gathering and chain of custody is established under the supervision of a licensed private investigator as required per state.
  2. Maintain objectivity. Our aim is to avoid making conclusions about any findings until all reasonable leads have been exhausted and all available facts are thoroughly examined and considered.
  3. Conduct the investigation with confidentiality and integrity. Our team will abide by the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and limit the scope of people with knowledge of the investigation, all external biases will be ignored to maintain the integrity of the fact-finding in the investigation.
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