Cyber Liability Assessment & Management

Minimize the Impact of an Attack


Be Accountable for Safeguarding Against the Worst.

Managing threats is critical for the success of businesses everywhere. If your organization uses technology to conduct business, you face ever-growing cyber risk. If you’re not assessing that risk and planning for mitigation, you are exposed.

To lessen that exposure, organizations turn to cyber liability insurance for help. But properly assessing your technology environment to evaluate your business’ policy coverage needs can take time, resources and revenue that’s best spent running your business.

Turn to Vology for our Cyber Liability Assessment and Management services. We can help you understand and manage your cyber liability insurance application and paperwork. We can guide you through the process and assess what your real coverage needs are, and any remediation needed prior to applying for cyber liability insurance coverage.

Vology’s Cyber Liability Assessment and Management service includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current infrastructure to assess potential liabilities and coverage needs
  • Implementing remediation strategies for any discovered liabilities prior to the submission of a cyber liability insurance coverage application
  • Assisting with explaining and completing your liability coverage application so you have a thorough understanding of the terminology and levels of coverage
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