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A Shift to Strategic IT : Driving Business with Modern Technology

The move from legacy IT to strategic IT is not a trivial matter. And, its benefits outweigh the necessary efforts.
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Hybrid Cloud: The Model of Choice in 2019

The astonishing growth of cloud computing is now well documented. But, there are many decision-makers who don’t fully understand just how vital a role hybrid cloud is really playing for growing organizations.
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6 Trends Steering the Demand for Outsourced IT Support

Generally, cost was always a significant drive for IT outsourcing. It remains relevant today, because most small to mid-sized businesses find it more cost-effective to outsource their IT support than train a staff to handle various IT issues.
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Outdated Firewalls and the Lack of Effective End-Point Security

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at an unstoppable pace. And, it’s constantly presenting organizations with new security challenges. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) go beyond the limited capabilities of traditional firewalls.
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Drive Your Business Growth: Best Way to Implement a Hardware Refresh

To keep ahead of the ever-winding technology curve, businesses like yours must approach hardware refreshes methodically. And, you must know exactly when and how to refresh.
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Vology, Google Cloud Celebrate Partnership

Vology, a Clearwater-based managed services provider, has been a premier partner to Google Cloud since November. Vology and Google Cloud celebrated their partnership Tuesday, when they invited IT leaders to Amalie Arena for a get-together to talk about how shifting some of their operations to the cloud could help their businesses.
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