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Security Awareness: Is Your Organization’s Program Successful?

Cyber security awareness programs are gaining ground among many organizations. But, most of the security IT professionals implementing them are challenged by…

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Windows 2008 and SQL 2008: Plan for Their End of Life

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to old friends. Windows Server 2008 (R2 editions)—the long-running, popular Microsoft standby—goes End of…

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Cloudy & Cool. The Case for Cloud-Based Firewalls

If you want to keep your company on top of things technological, you should consider a cloud-based firewall as a…

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IT Budgets Must Grow for Organizations to Stay Competitive

With 2018 ending, organizations must now plan and decide how much funding to dedicate to IT during 2019. In a tech-dominated world, IT leaders know their IT budgets need to grow.
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Merger & Acquisition Integration: the Vital Role of IT

Mergers and acquisitions serve as strategic tools for growth, providing valuable opportunities to implement real change and achieve synergies.
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Hybrid IT Environments: When They Make Sense

IT leaders are required to deliver elasticity, security and scalability, without adding too much complexity. The hybrid cloud provides a value-driven approach.
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