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hurricane disaster recovery

It’s Hurricane Season: Time to Boost Your Backup and Disaster Recovery

Like every year, the Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1 and stays with us through November 30 (National Hurricane Center).…

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Dark Web Services

Vology Adds Dark Web Services to Fortify Comprehensive Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions

CLEARWATER, Fla., May 29, 2019—Vology, a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider, today announced the company has expanded…

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IT Service Provider Onboarding: 3 Ways to Keep It Uncomplicated, Less Costly and Productive

In many cases, choosing a partner to help with network management, design and optimization, outsourced security monitoring and management, or…

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Benefits of Edge Computing

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a massive shift from on-premise infrastructures to cloud computing. This has been largely driven by…

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What Is a Vulnerability Scanner & What Is It Used For?

A vulnerability scanner is a software application that can be used to find security weaknesses in computers, networks, operating systems…

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What Is the Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup?

What Is the Difference Between Cloud Storage & Cloud Backup?

The terms “cloud storage” and “cloud backup” are often tossed around interchangeably. Both work by hosting files in the cloud,…

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