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Vology, Inc. Acquires VITAL Network Services

Deal Marks Expanding National Footprint and Managed Services supporting more than 100,000 Customer Devices TAMPA, Fla.– (Aug. 27,2015) --Vology, Inc.…

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Stacking vs Chassis Access Switch Solutions

If you’ve crossed the point where you need more than 48 ports in a closet, you’ve exceeded the capacity of the small fixed configuration switches.
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High Availability – You Might Be Looking At It All Wrong

  Ask a business or technology leader how much downtime their company can tolerate, and they’ll answer “none” almost every…

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Redundancy vs Resiliency

Redundancy and resiliency are often confused, but the simple fact is that you can’t have one without the other to build your network solution.
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Vology, Inc. Awarded NASA Contract for Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Procurement (SEWP V)

Vology announced today it has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
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Citrix Selects Vology to Join National Partner Program

Vology, Inc., national provider of virtualization, storage and networking solutions and related services management was selected by Citrix to join the Citrix National Partner program.
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