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Customer Success Story – Clearwater Cardiovascular and Interventional Consultants

“The project was on time and completed accurately,” Kleber stated, “Vology’s staff are well trained, have integrity and truly care about the customer experience.”
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Self -Service IT for Business Users

Here are two alarming findings: 70% of business users use tools outside of those licensed by their IT department for…

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The Role of Cloud-Based Databases in Digital Transformation

According to recent research, 34% of companies have already undergone a digital transformation. And of those who haven’t, 31% are…

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Why Small Cities Are Now Growing Targets of Cybercriminals

Executing targeted cyberattacks on government entities has been something cybercriminals always liked to indulge in. In the past, glory and…

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The Rising Importance of Software and IT as Innovation Drivers – And its Effects on the US Talent Pool

The world is now at the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, whose key characteristics include the digitalization and integration…

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Case Study: Times Publishing Company

“The people continue to be Vology’s best asset. (They) have made a huge difference in Vology’s success with TPC. Having…

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