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Will AI Revolutionize Storage?

Will AI Revolutionize Storage?

The number of IT departments adopting all-flash storage systems is growing, but for stored data to have actual value, it must be very efficiently accessed and processed to extract actionable information. As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, Vology can help clarify how HPE Nimble All Flash/Hybrid arrays, featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors combined with the deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) characteristics of HPE InfoSight predictive analytics, are transforming enterprise storage.

The Need for Storage Scale

Unearthing valuable insights and gaining deep learning from unimaginably large amounts of data is where AI analytics really shines. Applications like scientific studies and clinical trial research typically involve huge workloads, as do business intelligence, customer support and fraud detection. Unfortunately, the data to be processed usually isn’t conveniently stored in a single data center—it comes in bits and pieces from many different IT environments, from the edge to the core. To manage data access and avoid I/O congestion with these scattered AI workloads, massive scalability, high I/O rates and low latency are must-haves.

Complexity as an IT Problem

Most modern organizations aim to reduce business complexity caused by too many interdependent and interconnected stakeholders and organizational structures. IT professionals today face a similar problem. Paralyzing amounts of complexity have been created by isolated storage that is deployed across the enterprise and supported by layers of technology from several different vendors. And these all require multiple sets of tools and a variety of approaches. For organizations with customer service-level agreements, this situation can spell trouble when service interruption strikes, making issues more difficult to isolate and fix while trying to coordinate restoration efforts among multiple vendors.

Flash Isn’t Just for Tier 1 Workloads

Replacing traditional disk storage arrays with all-flash systems fundamentally affects how a company’s data is stored. Besides the cost-saving flexibility and speed it brings to traditional workloads, flash can also open the door to new ways to leverage data to increase customer value and gain business insights. Because flash is at least 100 times faster than traditional hard disk drives, applications that rely on heavy input/output operations get an instant acceleration boost. And when significant gains in throughput and bandwidth are woven with real-time AI analytics, storage resource management is significantly easier for IT staff.

Predictive Flash: A Smarter Storage Choice

Powered by AI, predictive flash storage gives you visibility across the stack to anticipate and prevent problems, ensure performance and optimize IT resources. When performance data is continuously collected across an installed base, advanced machine learning can analyze the data to identify irregularities in workloads and applications. Applied analytics can automatically predict and prevent problems. With predictive flash storage, IT administrators can break the endless cycle of fixing, tuning and reacting to problems, and get back to focusing their efforts on driving the business forward.

HPE Nimble & HPE InfoSight

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash arrays, featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, deliver 99.9999% guaranteed availability¹, along with InfoSight predictive analytics to detect and prevent issues in data storage across the entire infrastructure stack. InfoSight lets administrators find and identify virtual machines that might require more storage resources, make proactive migration actions, re-balance workloads and improve organization operational performance. Best of all, its cloud-based predictive analytics and machine learning can automatically resolve infrastructure issues before a problem is manually detected.

New Developments Represent Opportunities

The recent decision by HPE to expand InfoSight Analytics to the HPE 3PAR platform means customers now get the leading AI intelligence telemetry analytics engine bundled with the world’s most scalable storage. The affordable speed of HPE 3PAR and the performance visibility of HPE InfoSight is a powerful combination that can give companies a strategic advantage over competitors while reducing IT complexity and engineering costs.

As a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, Vology can help your organization leverage the benefits of predictive AI flash with HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage solutions that feature the advanced analytics of the Nimble Storage Predictive Cloud Platform, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

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¹ Based on testing by HPE Nimble Storage Performance teams and US list price on May 7, 2018.  Based on HPE comparisons with existing HPE Nimble Storage product.