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Vology’s Read Club | May’s Top Blog Posts

Vology’s Read Club | May’s Top Blog Posts

Can you feel it? Summer is underway! As you look for ways to escape the heat, let’s review Vology’s five most viewed blog posts from May.

Ready or Not: Here Comes Software-Defined Networking

More businesses are embracing software-defined networking, which results in more dynamic and scalable computing and data storage capacity. From reducing costs to security, you’ll learn in this blog post how SDNs can help position small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise organizations meet rapidly changing needs and capture opportunities for future success.

Redundancy vs Resiliency

It’s imperative you keep your business running. To do so, your network design must be redundant AND resilient. Luckily, that work require additional work as resiliency automatically includes redundancy. Find out what we mean in this blog post as we walk you through the process of achieving high availability.

Insider Threats & How to Protect Against Them

Whether they are unintentional or deliberate attacks, every organization deals with insider threats. According Gemalto’s Breach Level Index, malicious employees compromised 20 million data records in 2017 alone, up from 500,000 in 2016. This blog sets the stage to protect your business from within.

First-Time IT Outsourcing: Partnering for Better Outcomes

Partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), such as Vology, can help organizations reduce costs and focus on core business functions. And, that’s just the start! In Part 1 of our series on first-time IT outsourcing, you’ll learn how we’ve built a collaborative relationship to help Empath Health overcome the organization’s IT challenges.

First-Time IT Outsourcing: To Run Your Business More Efficiently

Many CIOs, CFOs and CEOs who have partnered with Vology find they have more flexibility, time and money to invest more strategically in their enterprise to improve business performance. In Part 2 of our series on first-time IT outsourcing, you’ll learn how Kimmins Contracting Corp. is up and running more efficiently than ever before thanks to Vology.