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Vology’s Read Club | March’s Top Blog Posts

Spring has sprung! As we weather through any April showers, let’s review Vology’s five most viewed blog posts from March.

Ready or Not: Here Comes Software-Defined Networking

Most small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises have a complex infrastructure with several networks from different vendors. Moving to software-defined networking (SDN) will mean they can consolidate resources. This blog post highlights the trends accelerating the growth of SDNs today, as well as the benefits SDNs offer.

Redundancy vs Resiliency

All too often, the focus is on redundancy, with resiliency receiving little to no love. However, resiliency builds on top of redundancy. It provides the ability to recover, converge and self-heal. With the simple examples contained in this blog, you’ll get a better understanding of why your design must be resilient to achieve high availability.

4 Technologies SMBs Can Use to Modernize IT Security

For IT departments to build a pervasive security strategy, they need to incorporate modern security technologies and practices. This blog post explains how you can count on Vology, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Platinum Partner, to design, implement and manage an extensive network security solution to protect your business.

Building a Resilient IT Network Beats Working on Your Resume

SMBs recognize the need to invest in their IT infrastructure in order to capitalize on business opportunities, but it must be easy to deal with and not break the bank. In this blog, learn how Vology and HPE can help make sure you have the right-sized, feature-rich, purpose-built products and solutions that are needed to remain productive, competitive and protected.

5 Reasons Managed IT Services Are Cost-Effective

IT can and should be viewed as a source for innovative business process automation and improvement, a value-add and a competitive advantage. The right Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), such as Vology, can help you make that happen in your organization quickly and affordably. Learn more in this blog post.