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Vology’s Read Club | July’s Top Blog Posts

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And just like that, it’s August! In July, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced airline passengers must start removing electronics larger than cell phones from their carry-on bags for individual screening. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos dethroned Microsoft’s Bill Gates as the world’s richest man for just a few hours. Apple marked the end of an era, deciding to discontinue the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. As we start August off on a good note, let’s review Vology’s five most viewed blog posts from July.

Redundancy vs Resiliency

It appears redundancy and resiliency are still confusing the heck out of people. In every single instance of a network outage or performance issue, the fault lies in the design of these two basic principles. In this blog, a simple example will illustrate why it’s crucial for IT professionals to design a resilient solution opposed to a redundant solution.

Before Hiring a New IT Employee, Answer These 4 Questions

IT departments often have the highest turnover rate, which means replacing employees cuts into a company’s bottom line. Before you spend your valuable time reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews to fill a vacant position, consider the four questions in this blog post.

Security as a Service Offers New Protection From Cyberattacks

If cybersecurity isn’t at the forefront of your mind, you’re setting your business up for failure. Since the number of threats is multiplying daily and resources are static, experts suggest small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) move to a security as a service. In this blog, learn how SECaaS can keep your company safe beyond prevention, detection and resolution services.

5 Reasons Managed IT Services Are Cost-Effective

Think Managed Service Providers charge a ton of money? THINK AGAIN. Some studies found managed IT services can bring a ROI of 40%. In this post, you’ll find five ways IT outsourcing is cost-effective.

Dear SMB, You’re Making Some Critical Mistakes – Part 2

FYI: Spyware is NOT clothing for James Bond. Make sure you are not falling victim to the five deadly technology-related mistakes found in this blog post. Also, don’t forget to check out Part 1.