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Vology’s Read Club | February’s Top Blog Posts

Let the dancing commence! As we fill out our bracket(s), let’s review Vology’s five most viewed blog posts from February.

Ready or Not: Here Comes Software-Defined Networking

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to 4K video, to virtual reality and more, demand has never been higher for networks to respond to dynamic needs and to scale quickly and affordably. In this blog post, we explain how software-defined networking can help and how SDN can benefit your organization.

Redundancy vs Resiliency

Having redundant devices is no guarantee of availability. In this blog, we share how the most resilient network is one in which the failure of a device or link has no impact.

4 Ways to Make Your Move to Office 365 Really Pay Off

Many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face unforeseen challenges when migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Follow the four steps outlined in this blog post to avoid letting legacy networks or poor end-user adoption keep your business from embracing the cloud-based productivity platform’s full capabilities.

Protect Your Devices Against Spectre & Meltdown

Two months after disclosing the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, Microsoft and Intel are continuing to roll out patches. In addition to explaining how Vology is protecting our customers, this post lists the four updates you can run right now to protect your devices.

Before Hiring a New IT Employee, Answer These 4 Questions

A recent study found 82 percent of IT professionals said hiring and retaining qualified employees is a key challenge in 2018. Expanding capacity without expanding your staff is possible with the help of a Managed IT Services Provider, such as Vology. Before you screen, interview or even hire another newbie, consider the four questions we ask in this blog.