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#VologyCares | Employee Appreciation

how we show our gratitude to our employees

Growing up we are taught “please” and “thank you” are important words. However, as employers, we can forget that thanking our employees can have an almost priceless impact on the workplace. At Vology, we recognize the power of appreciation. Within Vology’s People Operations department (a.k.a. VPOPS), our team is dedicated to letting our staff know just how lucky we are to have them.

Here’s a look at how we show our gratitude to our employees:

Employee Recognition Program

This is more of a formal program to recognize and appreciate employees for a job well done. We award employees who go above and beyond in three categories; Teamwork, Business Process Improvement and Customer Service. The winners receive monetary awards, certificates, sweet parking spaces and general bragging rights for being so awesome.

Asking Employees What Matters to Them

We truly value what our employees have to say. We offer multiple avenues to help our staff voice their opinions. We have an internal email specifically for process improvement suggestions that are immediately addressed by members of our executive team. We send out “pulse check” surveys to gauge interest and feelings on things before making important decisions. Even our annual engagement survey is an opportunity for our staff to anonymously let us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. The key here is not just asking, but doing something with all of this feedback. These suggestions and comments create real change within our organization.

On & Off-site Events

Our employees work hard so we often show our appreciation for them by hosting on and off-site events. A favorite on-site event is First Friday. Our VPOPS team provides beer, soda and snacks and we all hang out in the breakroom for a few hours on the first Friday of every month. We laugh, we say thanks, and we form bonds with people we don’t always interact with. When we’re not hosting on-site events, employees can get tickets to the Vology Loge at Amalie Arena. Whether it’s a Lightning game (Go Bolts!), Disney on Ice or a concert, employees can enjoy a night of fun on us!

Food… Lots of Food

We all know the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right? That is no exception at Vology. We provide countless free meals to our employees: pizza, barbecue, Fresh Kitchen, you name it! We also have a food truck stop by our Clearwater headquarters once a month.

At Vology, we’re committed to showing our employees that we appreciate them immensely. Our approach is varied, but it is consistent. Our goal is for each person in our organization to feel the love, whether it is through food, a simple thank you note or formal recognition. Campbell’s Soup CEO Doug Conant said it best, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”