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Returning To Work: Vology’s Commitment To Employees

Returning to Work: Vology’s Commitment to Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested nearly every organization’s ability to rapidly adapt to change. Vology passed this test with flying colors: our entire workforce went remote in less than a week with zero lost productivity. We are proud of how we’ve navigated these uncharted waters; we’ve been able to improve our internal communication and productivity during a time when many organizations are losing touch with their teams and falling short of their 2020 plans. For this, we are so grateful to our dedicated team of employees who deserve all the credit. They have blown us away with their ability to adapt quickly and embrace new ways of working, interacting and learning.

Vology helps to build the Modern Workplace

As the economy reopens, leadership teams are faced with more change in creating their return-to-work (RTW) plans and policies. At Vology, we are committed to strengthening our culture, where ‘People Matter Most’ and we are setting the pace for the future of work.

Employee experience will be our driving force, and our RTW plans are guided by their feedback. Based on the voice of our employees, we made four promises which are outlined below. Above all, employees’ health and safety are our top priorities, and protecting them will be our most basic principle. Beyond that, we have taken the position of freedom, flexibility and trust, where our employees can work wherever they want.

Here are the promises we made to every Vology team member:

  1. You will not be required to return to work before you are ready, and your readiness will be determined by you, not by leadership. Some will not be ready as soon as others, and that’s okay! We will abide by your individual readiness timeline.
  2. We will NOT place requirements on how many days per week you come into the office. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to RTW. We will honor the schedule that you deem best for your personal situation.
  3. Working in the office will be an option, not an obligation. Remote working is guilt-free. Career opportunities at Vology will not be negatively impacted because you choose to wait longer to return or work remotely more often than others.
  4. We will maintain a clean office environment, and you will have access to the supplies you need to stay safe and clean. We will do everything recommended by local and state authorities as it relates to spacing, social distancing, and cleanliness to prepare our office workspaces and community spaces.

These are promises we intend to keep forever, not just for the coming months. The future of work is completely changing, and Vology is committed to setting the tone for this – with our workforce leading the way. Stay tuned for more details, including an upcoming webinar in June that will delve into this topic more deeply.

About Vology

Vology is a leading provider of managed IT, cloud and security services as part of technology solutions that drive digital transformation and enable growth. As an end-to-end cloud solutions provider offering assessment, migration, and hosting services, along with its unique customer portal, OPUS, that enables seamless self-service provisioning, Vology helps mid-size enterprises reduce IT costs, improve customer service, and boost productivity.

Vology currently monitors, manages and maintains 215,000 devices at 40,000 customer sites, providing 24/7/365 support through its U.S.-based Network Operations Center and Security Operations Center. Vology is ranked as a leading Managed Services Provider on the 2019 MSP 501 list and the CRN Solution Provider 500, MSP 500 and Tech Elite 250 lists. To learn more about Vology, visit To keep up with industry trends and news, read Vology’s blog. Connect with Vology on Linkedln and Twitter.

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