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Security Is Not Just An IT Issue, Accountability Starts At The Top

Security is Not Just an IT Issue, Accountability Starts at the Top

The nature of cybersecurity is changing and becoming a serious business issue as the number and size of cyberattacks continues to increase. Long gone are the days when companies could rely on the IT department to deal with all the headaches associated with doing business.

Today, cloud adoption, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, mobile devices and other transformative digital initiatives significantly increase the number of threats businesses of all sizes are exposed to and forced to manage.

“Consider how many devices are connected to your main network. This could be all the computers in your office, all the computers and accessed equipment that your employees use to work from home, their smartphones and tablets and even their smartwatches,” explains Darren Codling, a security expert for Academized.

But it’s not just the higher number of loose ends that make traditional, siloed cybersecurity strategies ineffective. Employees across all levels, including CEOs and CFOs, must be made aware of the fact that security is a serious business risk. “Whether deliberately, or inadvertently, employees are usually more responsible than hackers for breaches of information. For example, confidential and sensitive information is sometimes shared inadvertently through social media,” states the World Economic Forum.

Cybercriminals are well-aware of today’s security gaps, and they’re more than willing to go out their way to exploit them by acquiring sophisticated tools and moving from extortion and vandalism to espionage, market manipulation and large-scale disruption.

Even though the evidence that cybersecurity should be treated as a serious business issue is clear and plentiful, almost half of the 1,800 IT decision makers surveyed by Fortinet, a provider of top-rated network and content security solutions, believe security is still not a top priority discussion for the board.

“No organization is immune from the threat of breaches, ransomware attacks or operational disruptions. Companies of all sizes and shapes as well as all industry segments are targets,” warns Fortinet. “Findings from the Fortinet IT decision maker survey provides corroboration. Eight-five percent of respondents suffered a security breach in the past two years, with almost half reporting a malware or ransomware attack.”

Vology urges businesses to see cybersecurity as a strategic issue and business risk rather than a simple IT investment. Businesses should take an all-encompassing approach and integrate cybersecurity into all aspects of their operations. The good news is that comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are now more available than ever.

Vology offers a full breadth of Managed Security Services and an around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC) designed to protect against every aspect of security and compliance threats, making enterprise-grade cybersecurity available even to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) without the resources necessary to stay on top of modern cyber threats.

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