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Need an Infrastructure Upgrade but Don’t Know Where to Start?

vology helps with IT infrastructure upgrades

Updating the technological aspect of business can seem daunting or even downright unnecessary. Too many businesses put off critical IT infrastructure upgrades for as long as possible, sometimes because the cost may not seem to justify the benefits and because it seems impossible to know where to start or who to turn to. But for companies that are determined to squash their competition and provide the best services and products for their customers and clients, not upgrading is not an option.

With the help of Vology, a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP), the complicated process of upgrading your infrastructure is put into the hands of a team of talented experts who can make your system better than ever.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for an Upgrade?

If you’re asking, your time has come. Most organizations need to update their IT infrastructures every three to five years.

Many businesses start out with a very basic infrastructure, but if your company has been expanding, you will want to consider a major upgrade to your system. As you expand, your infrastructure will need to grow with you in order to keep up with increased volume.

An upgrade will also be needed if your organization needs to consolidate data and space. This can be achieved through a process called virtualization. Virtualization is a method in which a virtual, rather than a physical, version of your system is created. Operating systems, network resources, storage devices and servers can all be virtualized. This method is a great way to reduce IT expenses over time while boosting productivity and speed, but virtualization requires a larger network capacity that most organizations don’t have.

Why Should You Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure?

No matter your reason for considering a boost to your infrastructure, it is important to understand why and how such an upgrade will benefit your business.

Older infrastructure can experience performance issues when encountering a higher volume of use than they are capable of handling. This can cause a severe slow down or even a complete halt in operations, something that no growing business can afford to let happen. With an outdated infrastructure also comes increased security risks. Older applications and operating systems tend to have more vulnerabilities that hackers can target, putting your company’s information and your customers’ information at risk.

An upgraded infrastructure leads to increased efficiency and productivity and stronger security. If you upgrade your system now, you will be putting yourself ahead of your competition by ensuring your infrastructure can handle your business flow while keeping your company safe from hacks and viruses.

Who Can Help Upgrade Your Infrastructure?

While an infrastructure upgrade clearly has huge advantages for business growth and security, it is no simple feat to implement the necessary changes to truly bring an outdated system up to par. Utilizing an MSP, like Vology, is your best option for getting the job done with minimal stress.

An infrastructure upgrade can take several different forms. A component update is a temporary option that allows your business to upgrade only the items that are nearing the end of their useful life, such as worn down processors, hard disks or memory equipment. Vology can help you identify which components will need to be updated in order for you to get the most out of your system for the next several years and implement those changes.

Your organization may need a complete overhaul of hardware, which can seem intimidating and expensive, but Vology can design a solution based around your specific needs that will last you between four and five years.

Vology can also take your system to the Cloud, transferring your networking components, servers, storage and hardware to a cloud service, allowing for easy access anytime, anywhere through the internet.

An infrastructure upgrade is one of the best things you can do for your business. It is well worth the cost and time in order to keep your company competitive, efficient and safe. Vology can assess your needs and work with you to find the right solution.