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Hurricane Preparedness: Is Your Data Protected?

Hurricane Preparedness: Is Your Data Protected?

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season has been extremely active, with a number of large hurricanes already impacting a significant portion of the U.S. And it’s not over yet.  With the season officially not over until November 30th, organizations shouldn’t wait for hurricane-force winds to make sure they are sufficiently prepared to weather a storm.

The Impact Hurricanes Have on Businesses

According to the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. The number would have most likely been much smaller if it wasn’t for another alarming statistic: 75 percent of small businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan in place, as discovered by a 2015 survey of 500 small business owners conducted by Nationwide.

“Small businesses are least likely to have disaster recovery insurance, and yet they are the ones most affected by a disaster. That’s why it’s essential for small businesses to have a disaster recovery plan,” said Mark Pizzi, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nationwide Direct and Member Solutions.

Hurricane Preparedness Considerations

All organizations that are likely to be affected by a hurricane or any other natural disaster should consider how to prepare the following three types of assets to ensure business continuity: people, devices and data.


People are the most important asset any business has. Yet, employees are often not kept up to speed on their company’s emergency plan. It’s paramount to ensure all employees know what to do in an emergency situation. Of course, no plan is perfect without sufficient practice, which is why it’s essential for businesses to also thoroughly test their disaster strategies.


Electronic devices should never be kept in areas prone to flooding. Ideally, workstations should be unplugged and stored in a safe location until the storm passes. For many businesses, especially those relying on on-premise servers, this is not possible. Such businesses should at least move their electronics away from windows, doors and other vulnerable areas.


An incoming hurricane isn’t the right time to start creating backups of important data. Businesses should always have their data safely backed up at an offsite location. At Vology, we offer two fully redundant, geographically distributed data centers to ensure that our customers’ data always remain safe.

Cloud-based solutions are especially well-suited for businesses located in places with a high occurrence of natural disasters as they effectively help eliminate application downtime and data loss, ensuring around-the-clock availability even when a disaster occurs. At Vology, we’re experts at cloud migration and one of the world’s top Cloud Services Providers on the 2017 Talkin’ Cloud 100 list.

Vology Can Help You Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario

Vology, a leading Managed IT Service Provider, offers comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan assessment services, to help you prepare for the Atlantic hurricane season and any other turbulent event your business may encounter.

With our help and experience, you will be able to translate your business needs into an actionable disaster recovery plan and ensure that your staff, devices and data will be protected. Don’t become a statistic: visit or call 888-808-2199 right now to learn more.