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How To Realize Substantial Cost Savings In The Cloud

How to Realize Substantial Cost Savings in the Cloud

The cloud is an increasingly popular choice for organizations seeking to reduce costs and ensure lean IT operations. In our current business environment—where uninterrupted online availability has become critical to enabling business continuity—it also offers substantial benefits such as increasing remote work productivity, enabling an elastic and highly scalable infrastructure, and ensuring high availability to enhance business continuity. Not to mention the wrench that’s been thrown into established fiscal year budgets that directly align with business goals.

However, without proper due diligence, cloud migration programs can actually prove to be expensive in the long run, limiting the ability of an organization to achieve optimal cost benefits, agility, scalability, and portability. The problem is that most organizations are unaware of how to properly plan their cloud migration journey, including determining the right mix/sizing of technology resources.

The first step is to gauge if the cloud is right for the organization’s current technology environment. A comprehensive financial and operating model, based on a solid assessment framework, will help ensure that cloud migration meets current organizational requirements and supports future growth. However, many mid-size organizations cannot justify an investment in a large, in-house IT staff. Finding a partner that has certified cloud professionals available to help guide the organization through this evaluation may be key, as most internal organizations will not have the diverse skill set, domain knowledge, and related technology certifications required.

Cost Savings in the Cloud

Not a destination, but a business strategy

At the end of the day, cloud solutions can dramatically help economize an organization’s spend while improving performance, adding new capabilities, and driving productivity—allowing more allocated budget dollars and focus on initiatives for a strategic business advantage. Deciding the what, where, when, and how of a transition to the cloud is essential to reduce cloud-adoption risk while optimizing cost and enhancing productivity.

In the latest white paper from the experts at Vology, you’ll learn more about:

  • Cost optimization of IT infrastructure in the cloud
  • How to assess if the cloud is right for your organization
  • The recipe for a comprehensive cloud assessment
  • Available infrastructure cost models

Read the full white paper.