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How Does Cloud Security Work?

How Does Cloud Security Work?

Today, organizations are capitalizing on the power of the cloud, which enables real‐time data access, analysis and management from any place with an internet connection. Despite the numerous advantages of cloud computing, some business leaders are hesitant to move their infrastructure to a cloud platform because of legitimate security concerns, such as unauthorized access and data breaches. With each organization responsible for ensuring its own cloud security, many business leaders turn to IT professionals for managed cloud services.

What Are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services are a set of controls, policies, technologies and procedures used to protect cloud‐based data, applications and infrastructure. Some common strategies include:

  • Firewalls. Predetermined security rules are used to control incoming and outgoing network traffic, creating a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network (the internet) and blocking unauthorized traffic from reaching internal servers.
  • Access controls. Data access is granted only to preauthorized users.
  • Data masking. Complex algorithms are used to translate data into a form only read by users who have access to a decryption key or password.
  • Threat intelligence. Security threats are detected and ranked in order of significance.
  • Disaster recovery. Critical data is backed up, so it can be quickly recovered in the event it’s lost or stolen.

Vology Takes a Proactive Approach

The cybersecurity experts at Vology understand today’s organizations are vulnerable to persistent security threats, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. To counteract these threats, we developed our cloud security methodology based on the premise your network has already been breached. Through 24/7/365 monitoring via our U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC), we proactively search for vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of damage by addressing threats immediately with a set of preapproved actions.

Safeguard your organization’s vital digital resources – and gain peace of mind – with Vology’s cloud‐computing security services. To learn more, contact us at (888) 808‐2199.