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First-Time IT Outsourcing: To Run Your Business More Efficiently

First-Time IT Outsourcing: To Run Your Business More Efficiently

In Part 1 of our series about first-time IT outsourcing, we addressed the importance of partnering with an experienced Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) who you can trust to help optimize and leverage technology as your business changes and grows. In Part 2, we address the some of the key benefits of partnering with Vology, a world top-25 MSP, specifically for the ability to focus strategically on your core business rather than IT.

Reducing Costs & Improving Performance

Outsourcing IT services can relieve the costly burden of staffing and managing growing IT systems and investing in new technologies as your business evolves digitally. Many CIOs, CFOs and CEOs who have partnered with Vology find they have more flexibility, time and money to invest more strategically in their enterprise to improve business performance. Outsourcing IT functions to an experienced MSP with the latest resources readily available frees up staff time to focus on pursuing new opportunities and driving business growth.

“Prior to Vology, we had an unstable IT network, a ton of user and desktop issues and no resources for our guys to directly go to,
says Ray Rowland, Chief Financial Officer of Kimmins Contracting Corp., who partnered with Vology to keep his team of more than 250 employees connected and operational in the field managing construction projects. “We are up and running more efficiently than ever before because of the technology Vology maintains and supports to keep us connected throughout the organization and in our trucks.”

Over the last few years, Rowland says his IT infrastructure has gone from a hodgepodge to a very stable environment, capable of managing the hyper-growth the company is experiencing. “As we double our size, Vology is going to be the one to help us get to the next platform. We’re not experts in IT. We don’t claim to be—and we don’t want to be. But we do want a partner who is and who can help us out. That’s what we have found in partnering with Vology.” states Rowland.

About Vology

Vology, a leading Managed IT Services Provider, positions companies for growth by powering digital transformation and delivering custom solutions. Vology currently monitors, manages and maintains 260,000 devices at 32,000 customer sites, providing 24/7/365 support through its U.S.-based Network Operations Center. Vology is ranked as a top 25 Managed Services Provider in the world on the 2017 MSPmentor 501 list with access to 2,200 fully vetted field technicians nationwide.

For more information about how to navigate digital transformation for better performance and growth, visit or call 888-808-2199.