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First-Time IT Outsourcing: Charting Your Digital Evolution

First-Time IT Outsourcing: Charting Your Digital Evolution

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our series about first-time IT outsourcing, we addressed the importance of partnering with Vology, an experienced Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) who you can trust to help optimize and leverage technology while you focus on your core business instead of IT. In Part 3, we highlight the process for charting your digital transformation confidently for greater peace of mind.

IT Road Mapping is the Key to Growth & Successful Business Outcomes

According to Scott Caschette, Chief Information Security Officer of Vology, and former CIO at Albertelli Law, one of the largest real estate law firms in the Southeast, having an IT road map is critical for long-term success.

“Several years ago, our real estate business was demanding more from IT than the firm could provide. The system was crashing twice a day. We hired Vology because we didn’t want to be in technology. We wanted a Managed IT Services Provider, someone to take the pain away and let us practice law,” recounts Caschette.

Strategy planning discussions between Vology and Albertelli Law started the process of developing an IT road map to lay out the goals and execute a plan that addressed current and future IT needs. “It’s prudent to anticipate the future, where you’re going to be, your needs and get out in front of it, knowing that you’ll adapt to changes over the next three to five years,” says Caschette. “Executing against a strategic IT road map requires a truly next-generation IT partnership which Vology delivers.” 

Executing the Right Solution, Technology & Resources

With technology changing at warp speed, partnering with a seasoned Managed IT Services Provider, like Vology, offers a turn-key solution for IT innovation and support. According to Jason Combs, Director of IT at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, “Our infrastructure has to be top-notch. Vology helped to future-proof the Straz to help drive growth in services and extend our reach without compromise.”

Outsourcing IT services is a monumental decision for many companies. “If you are aiming for growth, efficiency and sustainability, it’s important to modernize and leverage technology,” says Matthew Sokolowski, Vice President of Great Bay Distributors. “With what Vology has helped us build, our eyes are open and we’re finding the next steps to make things better, so we’ll be here for generations to come.”

About Vology

Vology, a leading Managed IT Services Provider, positions companies for growth by powering digital transformation and delivering custom solutions. Vology currently monitors, manages and maintains 260,000 devices at 32,000 customer sites, providing 24/7/365 support through its U.S.-based Network Operations Center. Vology is ranked as a top 25 Managed Services Provider in the world on the 2017 MSPmentor 501 list with access to 2,200 fully vetted field technicians nationwide.

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