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5 Ways Managed Services Support Your Digital Transformation

5 Ways Managed Services Support Your Digital Transformation

Organizations are constantly under pressure to increase efficiency wherever possible. Failing to do so can have disastrous consequences. Because most business owners are aware of the disruptive power of IT, the buzzword “digital transformation” now echoes in boardrooms around the globe.

Nearly 90 percent of senior business leaders call the digitalization of businesses a “do-or-die imperative.”

The problem with digitalization is it doesn’t always bring your organization positive results. Many businesses move forward with digital efforts without careful planning or the right skills to overcome the myriad of complex and interconnected challenges paving the road to a successful digital transformation. That’s when those businesses often discover they are unable to meet their own expectations through IT to drive business growth.

The road to digital transformation is especially challenging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which don’t have a fraction of the resources large enterprises do. This is where a managed service provider comes in to help grow your organization.

A managed service provider can offer a single point of technical contact and help SMBs achieve digital transformation by leveling the playing field in a competitive marketplace.

Here are five ways a managed services strategy can support your digital transformation.

Close your security gaps.

Every digital transformation has the potential to open the door to cybersecurity threats. It’s extremely difficult for your business to maintain 24/7/365 security visibility, without losing focus on your core business. Instead of spending a large amount of time and money on an in-house cybersecurity team, your business is better prepared and protected using expert-driven managed services to manage, monitor and maintain IT infrastructure.

Capture your data value.

The data generated from your service desk requests, repair records and network monitoring can be invaluable in determining trouble spots and increasing your IT efficiency. At a time when shadow IT is proliferating and new technologies are being rolled out at lightning speed during a digital transformation, a managed service provider can deliver the performance insights to improve the development process.

Make sure you use best practices.

An MSP can ensure best practices are followed—practices that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, eliminate roadblocks and shorten time-to-market for new digital transformation initiatives. As the focus increasingly shifts to new technologies and services, these best practices will help instill the real-time, 24/7/365 reliability demanded by employees and customers.

Fill your digital skills gap.

There’s a widening digital skills gap. It’s leaving many organizations struggling to find the talent needed to support digital transformation. If recent predictions are correct, there could be as many as 1.8 million unfilled IT jobs in the United States by 2022. Fortunately, managed service providers offer all the talent your organization needs to further core objectives and promote innovation.

Prevent downtime of your IT operations.

Many organizations can’t afford to keep their IT staff working around the clock. However, uninterrupted delivery of services and high availability of data are essential components for your organization to drive digital transformation. Managed service providers can offer 24/7/365 technology support to guarantee high availability and prevent business downtime caused by slow incident response. And, they implement failover mechanisms to keep your systems running, even in the event of a system failure or disaster event.


The truth, though, is 84 percent of businesses fail at achieving digital transformation. But, just because the digital transformation success rate is low, doesn’t mean your organization can’t approach digital transformation with confidence and map a course to success.

By partnering with a capable provider of managed services like Vology, and allowing Vology to take care of your IT systems and infrastructure, your organization can reap all the benefits of digitally transforming, even with limited resources.