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Cutting Cloud Costs Can Make All The Difference In Your Company’s Success.

Cutting Cloud Costs Can Make all the Difference in Your Company’s Success.

So, your company has already realized the many advantages of migrating to the cloud, but did your company plan strategically so that you don’t have cloud waste? Cloud waste is caused from inadequate planning which contributes to unused, overprovisioned, and unreserved resources. These three oversights created $17.6 billion[1] in overspending on Cloud resources in 2020. That number is expected to climb to 20 billion by end of 2021. This is because a huge portion of what companies are spending on their cloud is completely wasted. I bet now you are wondering if you are overspending, and chances are high that you might be. According to Park My Cloud[2], “Being able to cut cloud costs effectively and permanently can make the difference between success and failure when your business operates in the cloud – not only because if you cut cloud costs your business will benefit financially, but because the best practices involved in cutting cloud costs can also improve performance, security and regulatory compliance.”

Ultimately, we know you want your company to be successful. To do that you need to determine which areas you need to adjust so that you are not wasting resources and overspending. At Vology we have an industry leading Cloud automation platform called VIPER that securely scans your cloud environment and searches with the sole purpose to discover resources that are unused, over provisioned, and unreserved. This technology also checks for areas that need upgrading for better performance. After the assessment is complete you would receive a detailed report revealing your excess cloud spending. Are you curious on how you can help your company’s performance and save money at the same time? If you are interested to see how Vology can save you money and wasted resources, check out our Cloud Assessment and Readiness Solutions | Vology


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