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Customer Success Story – Albertelli Law

About Albertelli Law

Founded in 1977 by James E. Albertelli, Albertelli Law (ALAW) was established as a full-service real estate law firm. ALAW’s headquarters resides in Tampa, Fla., with operations in both Texas and Georgia. They have a family of companies beneath the ALAW umbrella that lends to the company’s extensive operations, Brightline Title, which handles all title and closing services, and Oversight Data. ALAW represents 67 banks across the state of Florida and currently handles more than 13,000 cases. In its entirety, the team consists of more than 1,000 employees, 50 of which are senior-level attorneys. ALAW has a wide range of people performing many different functions on a day-to-day basis. Operating a best-in-class infrastructure that allows them to function seamlessly at a high-level is key to their continued success.

The Problem

Albertelli Law’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Scott Caschette, recognized a problem the moment he started with the firm. In his words, the entire system was about to go “up in flames.” With a recent absence of their Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), ALAW abruptly found itself lacking storage, security, circuits, antivirus systems and it lacked a centralized data center. Case management systems were crashing daily due to gear that had simply outlived its lifecycle. Facing a critical situation, Caschette acted quickly to assess the threat and develop a strategy that would allow ALAW to move forward.

The Solution

Addressing the immediate concerns of Albertelli Law’s crashing network was the first priority. Caschette reached out to Vology for help and had an engineer on-site, remediating the problem within 12 hours of the request. Vology performed stop-gap fixes to keep the network running until a full infrastructure plan was ready for implementation. Switches, access points and firewalls were installed and the network was up and running within one to two days. With the fire extinguished, it was time to address the bigger issues at hand.

Impressed by Vology’s level of responsiveness, Caschette contacted them for further assistance with the planning and implementation of their proposed infrastructure. ALAW had been operating on a Tier 1 storage solution until Vology introduced the firm to a best-in-class option to better match their internal and financial constrictions.

“Vology offered flexibility in terms of a capital investment for us, which offered a huge level of comfort,” says Caschette. “Partnering with Vology, we built out all of the infrastructure that we needed, built the IT teams we needed and converged platforms into one single platform.”

Vology took ALAW’s existing infrastructure and provided a whole solution so they could once again operate seamlessly, effectively and efficiently by centralizing their existing platforms.

The Impact

Having a new infrastructure in place has provided Albertelli Law with a flexible and scalable foundation that can grow with their business.

“We now differentiate ourselves through our technology, security and IT network as a whole.”

Vology developed a system that enabled ALAW to bill quickly, efficiently and accurately, which in turn increased revenues by 20%. The teams at ALAW now function so autonomously that they have seen lower labor costs due to increased efficiencies. These operational efficiencies assisted in the reduction of errors and operational expenses by 20%.

Vology brought the best-in-class solution for ALAW’s infrastructure makeover. With their top performing operations in place, they are now able to turn over foreclosure assets at a quicker rate, putting homes back on the market and into the hands of the community.

“They helped us stand up when we were on the floor and then took us from walking to sprinting. The future of ALAW is refinement, and we will get there through our partnership with Vology.”