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3 Ways To Defend Against A Ransomware Attack

3 Ways to Defend Against a Ransomware Attack

At this point, everyone knows ransomware attacks are dangerous. As a refresher, ransomware blocks a user’s access to his or her files, using military-grade encryption algorithms until a ransom is paid. And, there’s no guarantee of successful decryption.

To make matters worse, ransomware creators are coming up with increasingly sophisticated attacks. This makes it more difficult than ever for your business to stay protected.

Alarmingly, ransomware attacks no longer just target large enterprises. Statistics reveal 71 percent of ransomware incidents impact small and medium-sized businesses, as published by Beazley, the provider of specialist insurance services with operations in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East,

With this in mind, what are the key pillars of your ransomware defense strategy? Three controls stand out: Security awareness, anti-malware software and backups.

Security Awareness

People are the biggest reason why ransomware creators are so successful. It’s because of poorly-secured networks. It doesn’t take more than a single click on a malicious link or attachment to compromise an entire business technology network. And, the truth is most employees have inadequate security awareness.

To defend your organization against ransomware attacks, your business must establish security awareness campaigns. You need to also teach all your employees to never open attachments of unknown origin. Never open emails in the spam folder. Always be cautious when opening emails from unknown senders, and other essential security practices.

But security awareness campaigns aren’t enough on their own. They are simply as essential as all other pillars of a successful ransomware defense strategy.

Anti-Malware Software

Even the most cautious and trained employees make mistakes. So, it’s essential for you to have a multi-faceted security solution in place—one that stops ransomware before it harms your organization. Businesses of all sizes can choose from a broad range of anti-malware software products and protective technologies.

Cost is always an important factor when selecting anti-malware software. But, it’s not the only one. It’s also critical to consider performance impact, usability, compatibility, customer support and other requirements. Regardless of what your business and security needs are, always avoid security solutions that lock you in to one vendor.


A general rule for the best defense against ransomware is to backup all business data every day. Some cite creating three backup copies, using two different formats, with one off site.

There’s an endless variety of backup options available for your organization. They range from local backups with network-attached drives to modern cloud providers with guaranteed disaster recovery and excellent reliability.

Businesses not sure which backup options are best for them can partner with a managed IT services provider. Then, the MSP can come up with an ideal solution for your business.


Right now, ransomware is arguably the most dangerous malware out there. No business is safe from ransomware attacks. Not even mom-and-pop businesses. But, with a proper ransomware defense strategy, your organization can stay ahead of ransomware attackers. Then, you can avoid costly data loss.