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3 IT Recruiting Trends To Know

3 IT Recruiting Trends to Know

Just like the IT industry, IT recruiting is in a state of flux. New recruiting trends are constantly replacing old ones. For organizations to find the talent they need, it’s paramount they accurately understand the current IT recruiting landscape. And, they know which trends are most likely to shape the future of recruiting.

Candidates in Charge

If there’s one snippet organizations must realize in 2019, it’s that candidates are running things. In the United States, the IT unemployment rate has fallen to 1.9 percent. This leaves organizations of all sizes scrambling to come up with creative strategies to attract talent or get by with what they have.

Both recruitment and retention are difficult for IT positions. And, organizations are realizing culture, including flexible work schedules, perks and benefits, can help them compete. Understanding they are in great demand across industries, IT workers have little risk involved in obtaining another job at an organization they view as better meeting their needs.

These challenges are further amplified for smaller, lesser known businesses competing with well-known brands.  Larger organizations are able to offer attractive compensation packages that can include substantial bonuses and stock options. Smaller and mid-sized businesses attempt to combat this with flexibility of work schedules, potential for advancement and other benefits, often with mixed results.

New IT Recruitment Strategies

It’s never been more difficult to find and hire perfect job candidates. With some IT professionals receiving as much as 100 messages from recruiters each month, it’s easy to see why IT recruiting is such a difficult game to play.

Realizing old tactics are no longer effective, 70 percent of companies are planning to invest in Recruitment Marketing technology through 2019 and into 2020, according to an Aptitude Research Partners report.

Known as the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition, Recruitment Marketing is the process of building and communicating your organization’s brand and value proposition. This is done to nurture and attract talented individuals. Some organizations use Recruitment Marketing along with Inbound Recruiting. This combines the use of blogs, social media and other forms of content to capture a candidate’s interest.

Look Beyond Perfect Candidates

It’s understandable many organizations are unwilling to settle for anyone less than their ideal candidate. However, a lot can be gained by preferring potential over experience.

Organizations must learn how to find candidates with desirable soft skills. These include analytical thinking, verbal and written communications, and leadership. Candidates with these strong traits can effectively make up for their lack of experience.

It’s also time for you to rethink the traditional employment model. Instead, embrace the gig economy. Gig workers are expected to comprise half the workforce and as much as 80 percent by 2030. Unlike full-time employees, gig workers are flexible. They can work from anywhere. And, often, they charge less than their salaried counterparts.


As IT recruiting constantly changes to overcome the numerous challenges it’s facing, new IT recruitment strategies can help organizations achieve more, without necessarily spending more.

And, the rise of the gig economy makes it possible to fundamentally rethink the traditional employment model. It allows you to embrace the benefits of an agile workforce.

The organizations successfully adapting to the latest IT recruiting trends can mitigate the challenges of recruitment and retention even with such a small pool of candidates calling the shots.

For small and mid-sized businesses unable to overcome the challenges of recruiting and retaining qualified and certified talent, partnering with a managed IT services provider can be the best solution. Such a partnership helps lower your IT costs, makes your IT expenses predictable, minimizes your IT-related risks, increases your productivity, keeps you current with technology knowledge and expertise, and delivers you strategic IT planning services.