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Convenient, Flexible and Easy to Use

Easily track and streamline your IT purchases, request quotes, make payments, manage returns, review invoices, increase credit limits and contact support quickly as questions arise. All in one convenient, secure and FREE location.

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The process is broken down into six easy steps that help define how the portal can be used to benefit you.

Contact your Account Executive
for support anytime you wish.

At Vology, we provide all customers with a dedicated account executive to assist with all support requests. You can quickly “Request a Quote" and reach your support team inside the portal via, chat, email, phone or ticket requests.

Quickly Review and Pay Invoices
on Your Own Time

Our customer portal makes invoice management a breeze. Save, share, pull or pay invoices and know the exact number of items on hand in seconds. No invoice, no problem, our flexible system provides advanced search features for your team.

Instant access to Quotes,
Statements and Purchases

Get your company on the fast track to managing all quotes and purchases in one secure location. We put you in total control and provide a detailed history of all activities for your team to benefit.

Rapid Document Reporting
available anytime you are

Gain immediate access to all of your documents in a hurry. Retrieve reports to share with your team and get support for any questions that may arise on your schedule. We are always just a click away if you need us.

Increase Your line of Credit or
Request New Credit in a Flash

Need more IT purchasing power? Looking to upgrade your networking equipment and expand services? The portal has your IT inventory needs covered. Instantly apply for a new line of credit or a credit increase at any moment desired.

*subject to credit approval

State of the Art Data Security

Our portal employs the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology in all sections your company information is required and displayed. Vology security compliance utilizes Imperva and Cybersource.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how quickly the Vology Customer Portal can help your company grow.

What is the Vology Customer Portal?
The Vology customer portal is an efficient self-service IT equipment purchasing solution for your company to utilize for managing your entire account. The portal allows your team to request quotes, make purchases, track invoices, make payments, initiate product returns and offers several methods for requesting support.
Why should I use the Customer Portal?
The Vology customer purchasing portal enables each company to manage their own account on their own time. The portal grants all admins the ability to setup their team of users to streamline ordering, tracking past orders, and requesting new quotes.
When can I start using the Vology Portal?
Companies can start using the Vology portal immediately to take advantage of the convenience and robust self-help tools it provides.
How Quickly can I request a quote and make a purchase?
Requesting a quote has never been easier and more accessible. Once a member of your business team logs into the customer portal dashboard, they can request a quote with just one click and then provide the details of the products they need a quote for.
Does the IT purchasing portal offer the same payment options our company is used to?
Absolutely, we have integrated all of the same payment options your company has used with us in the past for any order. Inside the Accounting section, you can either pay via credit terms or ACH debit, along with quickly adding a new account for payment or request an increase on your credit limit.
How do I know the status of my orders?
Managing and knowing the status of your orders is an essential requirement for any business. This is why the Vology customer portal has made tracking your orders as easy as possible. Once you login to the Vology portal dashboard, click on Order History and choose your period of days to display. At that moment you will see a list of all open orders, pending orders and cancelled orders for which you can download a copy or request a new quote from a past order.