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Your technology assets are only as powerful as the cables that connect them. That’s why it’s important to do business with experts who understand not only cables, but also the mission-critical networking and telecommunications systems they connect to.

When you need cables to connect your mission-critical IT assets, contact Vology.

Gencom is widely recognized as the industry’s premier brand of:

  • High performance copper and fiber cables
  • OEM compatible 10 GB, 40 GB and 100 GB transceivers
  • Innovative cable management solutions and accessories

Why Vology and Gencom?

  • Get your cables via same-day or next-day shipping from our huge inventory
  • Custom orders delivered quickly
  • Receive guidance from trained professionals who can help you maximize reliability and performance
  • Lifetime warranty

Make Vital Connections with Quality Cables and Accessories from Gencom

Leverage Vology’s partnerships with the world’s technology leaders.

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