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Vology’s here to help you help yourself.

We meticulously work to stay in front of your IT challenges. We help your organization grow through innovation, cost savings and increased productivity. A large part of that success is providing an accurate line of sight to how our two businesses interact and continually increasing your ability to access data critical to your business.

Like No Other: The OPUS Customer Portal.

We’re rapidly progressing with our new and comprehensive OPUS Customer Portal. This updated and improved Customer Portal gives you a single-pane-of-glass view into a wide breadth of Vology services and functionality. The Portal provides you an unparalleled amount of information to help you make better, more productive business decisions.

Here’s What’s Already Available in the OPUS Customer Portal.

Our initial phase rolled out during the first quarter of 2019. Our Field Services Dispatch System Portal and Warehousing and Logistics Services Portal debuted.

  • The Field Services Dispatch system via the OPUS Customer Portal allows you to request and manage Vology Field Services for your business locations worldwide. You can see the status of such projects at a single business location or simultaneously at multiple locations.
  • The Warehousing and Logistics Services provides a comprehensive set of warehousing and shipment functionality. This enables you to store equipment with Vology at any of our warehouses throughout North America. You may also initiate shipments of inventory directly from our portal.

More Security, Too.

Vology’s recent roll out features enhanced portal security. With this added data protection, you’re able to provide access permissions for select users and administrator-level rights to open and share account-specific data and information.


Coming Soon to the OPUS Customer Portal!

Scheduled to go live during the second quarter of 2019 are the Service Contracts and MACD PortalCloud Portal and Hardware Quotes and Orders Portal. All of these are significant enhancements for Vology Managed Services customers.

  • The Vology Service Contracts and MACD features and functionality give you a single view of your Vology Managed IT Services. You can now see all your services at once. It allows you to more easily make changes by adding or removing managed services to best meet your ongoing business needs and improve your interaction with Vology.
  • The Cloud Portal provides you a single view of your Cloud usage and expenditures—whether it’s for one vendor or multiple vendors—on your servers. Through it, you may also manage all your licenses for cloud subscriptions, such as Microsoft Office 365.
  • Hardware Quotes and Orders is driven by an end-to-end Hardware Portal, so you can order and manage all your business hardware equipment and projects.

What’s Next for the OPUS Customer Portal?

During the third quarter of 2019, Vology plans to roll out through the OPUS Customer Portal even more access to your critical data and functionality. This includes:

  • Invoices and Payments
  • Service Monitoring Tool Access with LogicMonitor
  • Projects
  • OEM Maintenance Contracts

Improving the Way You Grow Your Business.

Vology’s new OPUS Customer Portal will revolutionize how you do business with us. The Portal will help provide information you need to make crucial business decisions to grow your organization.

If you have any questions about the Vology OPUS Customer Portal, please contact us. 888-808-2199.

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