Microsoft Office 365

Power Productivity & Profitability Through Vology’s Managed Office 365 Solution

Vology helps your organization capitalize on the innovation of cloud-based Microsoft Office 365.

In today’s digital world, more and more organizations turn to cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, to create a highly flexible work environment. Office 365 can improve the sharing of information across your organization, increase employee productivity and foster a company culture of collaboration. All these can spur innovation to ultimately drive your business results. If you want to move your organization into a cloud environment, but you are unsure where to begin, Vology can help you.

Vology ensures a safe and efficient journey to Office 365.

As one of Microsoft’s select direct Cloud Solution Providers, Vology offers comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 migration services. Our IT experts can facilitate a smooth transition to Microsoft Office 365 from nearly any software configuration, whether it is an on-premise infrastructure, in the cloud or a hybrid. We take the complexity out of your organization’s Office 365 migration. We expertly guide you through every step to make sure the migrated solution optimally functions and meets all user expectations.

As part of your managed IT services, Vology provides:

  • A stress-free Office 365 migration, including initial setup and end user adoption
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness through user licensing optimization
  • Seamless administration via our Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • 24/7/365 support through certified Microsoft technicians

Why migrate to Office 365 with Vology?

For more than 20 years, Microsoft has been a trusted leader which designs and implements business software applications and accelerates workflows and improves business communications. By building on the familiarity and friendliness of Microsoft products, Office 365 offers cloud-based benefits, such as real-time information sharing, untethered accessibility from any device at any time, enterprise-level security and immediate access to the latest tools. Vology helps your organization take full advantage of all these benefits, and more.

To discover how you can power productivity and profitability through Vology’s managed Microsoft Office 365 solutions, click here or call 888-808-2199.


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