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Comprehensive Protection for Your Organization, Simplified.

Vology’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) service provides a turnkey solution, including best-in-class security appliances, for a converged security platform that is particularly focused on small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Feature sets fall into three main categories managed on one device:

  • Firewall/intrusion prevention system (IPS)/virtual private network
  • Secure web gateway security (URL filtering and web anti-virus)
  • Messaging security (anti-spam, mail AV)

Vology’s Unified Threat Management solution simplifies the complexity of enterprise-class security to bolster protection of your business by providing and managing UTM devices.

Our Unified Threat Management offering includes:

UTM Monitoring & Management

  • Appropriately sized UTM firewall devices for your network environment
  • Design, configure and install the devices
  • Implementation of best practices UTM
  • Establish standard fault and performance monitoring and alerting thresholds
  • Proactive polling of UTM devices to confirm response and availability

UTM Incident Management

  • Adherence to mutually agreed incident management and escalation procedures
  • Notification of events of interest (EOI)
  • Provide appropriate event response for critical security events

UTM Configuration & Change Management

  • Perform daily polling of each network device to determine if any configurations have changed
  • Archive device configuration changes
  • Monthly reporting of configuration changes
  • Backup configurations to restore equipment in event of hardware failure or configuration loss

Reporting Analytics & Historical Trending

  • Weekly/monthly security reports summarizing events of interest, actions taken, security concerns
  • Quarterly reporting containing in-depth analysis of trends, EOIs, concerns, security posture and architecture
  • Recommendations based on analysis, if necessary

Looking for statistics to educate your team?

Get real facts and numbers behind today’s cyber threat landscape. Vology is here to educate and protect organizations with new and evolving security solutions.

Vology delivers consolidated cyber security solutions and networking that’s easy to use and designed for your organziation’s most challenging advanced threats.

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