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Taking control of your network security now.

Your organization’s increased reliance on technology for your network and infrastructure means there’s a significant concern a security breach can negatively impact your operations, finances and reputation. That’s why conversations about risk management, protective monitoring, response plans, and the viability of business continuity plans are so important.

A valuable part of your cyber security arsenal is a U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC). It helps minimize damages from a threat which has already happened. But, your preference is to combine a SOC with a strong investigative security team to help identify and resolve those risks before they do major damage.

At Vology, we implement a threat-intelligence-driven approach to security operations.

We assess in real time the threat and actively look for issues, non-compliance, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, attempted attacks and signs of hostile intent. We actively monitor these intelligence feeds, detecting anomalies more efficiently, and enabling incident prevention, while reducing response times when a vulnerability or attack is revealed.

Your security team is our blend of world-class technical expertise with in-depth business, regulatory and industry knowledge.

Our experts prioritize and determine where your cyber security operations must focus, making the most impactful difference to your business risk and delivering the best return on your investment.

Align Your Business and Security Strategies

Partner with us to pinpoint and predict attacks, proactively respond to threats, ensure compliance and protect your data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints. Here’s how we do it:

Network Monitoring (U.S.-based SOC Operations)
Information Reporting and Analysis
Engineering Support
Remediation and System Hardening
Ongoing Process Improvement

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