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Managed Security Services

Protect Your Organization With Managed Security Services Provided by Vology – We’re Based Near Tampa, FL & Serve Organizations Nationwide

Managed Security Services Tampa FLOver the last several years, massive security breaches have affected countless organizations, including blue-chip companies, government entities and a who’s who of other prominent organizations in virtually all industries and geographies. In some cases, stock prices plummeted, customers abandoned formerly popular brands, CEOs lost their jobs and businesses were forced to close their doors for good.

In today’s rapidly evolving IT world, the threat of a security breach remains very real. Have you considered the potential costs to your organization? Minimize the risk with managed security services from Vology, the IT security professionals based near Tampa, FL.

How your organization benefits

Modern cybersecurity programs are costly to build and maintain. Even with an unlimited budget to spend on the latest and greatest technologies, it can still be a challenge to devise and synchronize the multilayered solution necessary to safeguard your infrastructure. When you allow Vology’s security experts to take the wheel, you can save money and allow employees to focus on what they do best – furthering the success of your organization.

A fully integrated technical solution, Vology’s managed security services:

  • Leverage best-in-breed technologies, which have been tested and implemented by our specialists in organizations of all types and sizes, and therefore are proven to be effective in handling a wide variety of threats
  • Incorporate endpoint protection, vulnerability scans, web application vulnerability monitoring, firewall management, logging and monitoring, configuration management and more
  • Are fully scalable and can grow along with your business
  • Continue to evolve as new technologies roll out, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and dark web cyber threat intelligence

Like all businesses, your organization will continually face security risks; it is simply impossible to eliminate them all. Therefore, as a business leader, you need to find a cost-effective solution for managing those risks in a way that is fully aligned with your business objectives. That’s where Vology comes in.

Contact Vology to learn more about our managed security services. You can speak with a representative at our headquarters in the Tampa, Florida, area by calling 888-808-2199 or 813-280-1300. We’re more effective at protecting your organization than an in-house IT department.