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Vology provides the server and storage platforms necessary to seamlessly connect your organization’s resources and securely store your vital business information.

Nowadays, most organizations rely on servers for data storage and processing. Inadequate or improper server management can lead to costly disruptions in business continuity. Every time your server goes down—even for a few minutes, lost customers and recurrent downtime can spell disaster for your organization.

As technology evolves, more and more organizations shift to virtualized hybrid and cloud environments, which are highly efficient and highly complex. An oversight or misinterpretation can easily lead to wasted resources fixing something which is not broken. For instance, performance issues which appear to be storage problems can be related to network or hosting challenges.

It can be tough to keep pace with technological advances, while simultaneously running your business. But, when you partner with Vology as your trusted server management services provider, it becomes easy. Our experienced IT specialists work behind the scenes, around the clock to preserve impeccable network performance, allowing you to focus on what you do best and sleep better at night.

How will Vology safeguard the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure?

As your trusted managed IT services partner, Vology manages, monitors and supports your organization’s physical and virtual servers. And, we do so remotely from our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC). Additionally, we will periodically assess your servers and storage to make certain all systems:

  • Remain scalable
  • Perform to best-practice standards for both data integrity and security
  • Leverage new technologies to optimize efficiencies and reduce costs

For more peace of mind, our web server management services include patch management and anti-virus protection for both physical and virtual servers. Our experts respond immediately to any alarms received from your servers. They then promptly identify and resolve any issues, while keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

Vology delivers the engineering and technical expertise to design and build an integrated, end-to-end solution for your organization’s server and storage needs. For more information about our server and storage services, as well as managed IT security services, contact us at 888-808-2199.

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