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Vology’s Network Infrastructure Assessment is designed to provide a third-party objective review of your network infrastructure. Leveraging Vology’s extensive expertise in architecture, design, planning, ongoing operations and optimization of network infrastructure, our assessment is designed to pinpoint areas of improvement through an in-depth analysis of your environment. Vology’s assessment also focuses on capacity planning and provides a roadmap for future technology upgrades.

Count on our industry expertise to provide you with a comprehensive review of your organization’s infrastructure, management, security, processes and performance.

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Vology’s comprehensive Network Infrastructure Assessment is a multi-phased service covering:

Physical network site survey at primary data center. The survey includes:

  • Physical environmental state
  • Current cabling/interconnect layout
  • Rack layout/elevation inventory
  • Physical equipment inventory (vendor, make, model, description)
  • Power configuration (i.e. separate circuits, use of surge suppressors, etc.)
  • WAN/ISP connectivity (also demarc locations)

Remote network monitoring survey, which includes:

  • Network devices inventory
  • Current running configurations
  • Logical traffic flows (L2/L3)

High-level analysis of overall security best practices in configuration files

Reviewing your current network management system (NMS)

Meetings with your technical team to learn the design process and day-to-day management of your current network

Meetings with your technical support staff to understand what tools they use, processes and troubleshooting methodology

The final phases include a full review and presentation of recommendations covering:

  • Descriptive observations of all areas assessed
  • High-level visual graphs and network maps based on overall network traffic studies
  • Detailed analysis and recommendations
  • Remediation report based on findings
  • High-level BoM for critical hardware replacement recommendations
  • Detailed list of steps to bring network to optimal state for Managed IT Services
  • Proposed timeline of changes
  • Full presentation of results to customer

Get the information you need to optimize your network for growth and success.

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