Security Awareness Training

Employees Are Your First Line of Cyber Defense

The Best Way to Protect Your Network is to Simply Educate Your Team.

Vology’s Security Awareness Training service provides a cloud-based, social engineering platform to test, benchmark and train your employee base against common data security threats.

With video training coupled with simulated phishing campaigns, relevant newsletters, images and collateral, Vology’s Security Awareness Training combines key tools to produce a comprehensive training program for end-users.

This service also allows you to maintain an effective security program to satisfy auditors, regulations and customer requirements.

Vology’s Security Awareness Training includes:

  • Creation and configuration of your company’s account
  • Importing users into the training system
  • Configuring email system rules
  • Campaign timeline development and parameters
  • Initial campaign launch
  • Capture campaign results and build out of security posture baseline
  • Developing schedule of ongoing phishing campaign requirements
  • Access to security training videos targeted at Industries, Exploits, Regulations and Legislation, Security Best Practices, Password Creation and Management
  • Games and gamification to help users learn
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
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