Security Awareness Training

Employees Are Your First Line of Cyber Defense

To protect your organization and step up your security game, Vology offers cyber security awareness training for your first line of defense – your employees.

Cyber attacks result from human choices far more often than technological failures. Hackers know this, and their attack strategies are growing increasingly complex. To prevent data breaches – and the ensuing disasters – all businesses need to take steps to improve their security and compliance across the board. Your best defense is to educate your team. However, in the constantly evolving digital arms race, it can be difficult for an organization with limited resources to keep up. Why not protect your business with security awareness training from the cyber pros at Vology?

Vology inspires a culture of security within your organization

Vology’s unique cyber security training helps your employees get into the mindset of a hacker, allowing them to better anticipate a hacker’s modus operandi. Through a cloud-based, social engineering platform, we test, benchmark and train your employees on the very latest security threats. Our comprehensive end-user training program utilizes several effective learning tools, including:

  • Security training videos
  • Simulated phishing campaigns
  • Newsletters, images and collateral

At Vology, we believe building a culture of security entails more than simply providing informational resources to your employees. For this reason, our digital self-defense program hinges on true engagement. We create a diverse and multichannel environment that fosters innovative thinking, which is conducive to learning and may inspire your workforce to take the organizational security mission to heart. Additionally, our cyber security training course allows you to maintain an effective security program to satisfy the various requirements of auditors, regulators and customers.

To learn more about cyber security training from Vology, contact us at 888-808-2199. Gain peace of mind in knowing that the people at the center of your organization – the targets of an ever-increasing cyber threat landscape – are receiving the education they need to fight back.

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