Cyber Threat Assessment

Get the facts to keep your business safe and secure.

Cybersecurity is a serious business issue. You cannot effectively protect your business assets and data, and continue to grow your business, if you and your leadership struggle to understand the risks.

Secure business technology networks must constantly evolve to keep up with the latest, most advanced and persistent threats. That’s why it’s critical to perform cyber threat assessments. There are only two ways to find out if your technology solution is keeping up. Wait for a breach to happen or run a validation test.

Why a Cyber Threat Assessment?

A cyber threat assessment helps you identify vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity infrastructure, the risks most likely to exploit them, and from where they will originate. It also takes you through the steps of determining your most valuable assets and where they reside in your technology infrastructure.

They provide you with detailed answers to questions like:

  • How effective is my business asset and data security?
  • Has my business been breached? If so, what assets were compromised?
  • Who’s attacking my business, and what are they after?
  • What are the security risks associated with an impending merger or acquisition?
  • What programs and procedures can I implement to prevent future attacks?

These answers are essential to plan a reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy for your business network. And, that’s reason enough to conduct a cyber threat assessment.

A valuable Vology Cyber Threat Assessment, which identifies the active risks in your network today, can help you better understand and communicate critical security components, such as:

Security and Threat Prevention. Expose application vulnerabilities that endanger your network. Detect malware and botnets. Uncover devices most at risk for firewall and security breaches.

User Productivity. Gain sharper visibility and control of which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging and other applications are running.

Network Utilization and Performance. Create efficient network utilization by revealing your throughput, session and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours. Optimize performance with monitoring tests.

Vology Cyber Threat Assessment Snapshot

  • It’s quick. We monitor your network for three to five days.
  • It’s easy. We don’t interrupt your infrastructure.
  • It’s complete. We give you a comprehensive report of your organization’s security, productivity and performance.
  • It’s always free. We charge you nothing to start making you smarter and your business more secure.

Get the intelligence you need today to stay ahead of your business network risks tomorrow.

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