Google Cloud PlatformTM

Achieve Excellence with Vology and Google Cloud PlatformTM

Your business is heads down navigating the challenges and complexity of its transition to the cloud. Yet, you still must focus on your core business and company growth. Vology certified experts are on hand to help strike a balance in your favor.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Vology is dedicated to facilitating the transformation of your organization’s business practices with innovative cloud strategies. Through powerful scalability, we can improve systems performance, add new capabilities and drive down costs.

We do this by enlightening organizations about how they can fully embrace the proficiencies of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—one of the world’s fastest, most responsive, secure and affordable public cloud platforms. The possibilities are endless.

Get started on your organization’s seamless transition to the digital world. Partner with Vology to help you build, innovate and scale with Google Cloud Platform technology.

Vology, one of the world’s top Cloud Services Providers, is trained, tested and certified by Google to solve your most demanding business challenges. Vology is among a handful of Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs) designated as a launch partner for the Google Cloud MSP ecosystem.

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We Understand Business Dynamics

Expert Guidance from the Start

Through the Vology and Google partnership, you can build, scale and innovate your environments, without complexity. We’re steering you on every step of your Google Cloud Platform journey. From small businesses to global enterprises, we’ve successfully collaborated with and migrated businesses to the Cloud. That puts your business in good hands.

Cloud Readiness and Migration Assessments

The Vology Cloud Readiness Assessment is designed with your input to ensure your success. We help you review your company objectives. Then, we deliver to you a clear and concise understanding of your organizational and application readiness. The requirements are comprehensively defined to successfully move your business to the Cloud.

The Vology Cloud Migration Assessment moves you one step closer through a thorough examination. As you prepare to migrate to the Cloud, the assessment takes into consideration critical areas and steps necessary to safeguard a smooth transition.

Cloud Experts and Certified Professionals

Vology manages more than 50 cloud experts, cloud architects and data engineers. Our teams are always ready to help your organization smoothly adopt the Cloud. This allows you and your team to remain focused on growing your business.

Continuous Support

After your business migrates to the Google Cloud Platform, Vology will stay by your side. Our technology partnership with you offers ongoing support and administration. This assures your business innovates faster, scales smarter and remains secure. We take being your trusted technology partner seriously.

Disaster Recovery

Vology Google Cloud Platform certified experts can help you develop and maintain an effective Disaster Recovery solution. This fortifies continuity of services and a cost-effective failover in the event of any hardware or software failure.

Vology engineers partner with leading Disaster Recovery solutions providers. Together, we will help you design, create and maintain the most effective system for rapid recovery from equipment failure, a natural disaster or cyberattack.

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