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Managed Cloud Services

Streamline Your Cloud Migration with Managed Cloud Services from the IT Experts in Irvine, CA

Managed Cloud Services Irvine CAMoving your organization’s infrastructure to a cloud platform can significantly reduce your IT expenses and enhance your ability to meet workload demands. If you’re anxious to tap into the vast potential of cloud computing, just be sure to proceed cautiously. A reckless migration could have serious consequences, including costly business disruptions.

Many business leaders rely on trusted third parties to oversee their IT transformation with managed cloud services, which can accelerate the move, while fully-protecting valuable applications and data. The IT professionals at Vology in Irvine, California, can expertly handle your transition to a cloud environment, then support you through every step of your cloud journey.

We Are Accountable

With managed cloud services, Vology helps you identify and implement the optimal approach for moving your organization into the cloud. “Managed” means Vology is accountable for the performance and reliability of the infrastructure that powers your business, allowing your in‐house IT staff to focus on the core applications which drive your bottom line.

To ensure a seamless cloud migration, Vology’s managed cloud services include:

  • Assessment of your current workflows to identify which are suitable for the cloud
  • Determination of the right balance of public and private cloud for your business
  • Development of a custom roadmap to guide your organization’s migration to the cloud

We Maximize Your ROI

Of course, your journey doesn’t end once your business has successfully migrated to the cloud. To maximize your return on investment, Vology continually manages and monitors your service, incorporating new tools, technologies and processes along the way.

By designing, migrating and managing your workloads in the cloud, Vology promotes the long‐term success of your business. To learn more about our managed cloud services, contact us at (800) 998‐9862 to speak with a representative at our West Coast office in Irvine, CA.