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Every day we help businesses keep pace with the acceleration of information technology so they can run their businesses more strategically, efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a leading nationwide Managed IT Services Provider, clients trust Vology to deliver a wide range of Managed IT Service solutions so they can better serve their customers.

Whether managing a healthcare facility, government agency, educational institution or professional services firm, our Managed IT Services support a multitude of interactions and transactions—touching and impacting millions of people every day. We focus on the IT supporting your business, so you can focus on your customers and advancing your company.


The Future of Healthcare: Managed IT Services Solutions

The Support You Need to Provide the Best Care Possible.

With increasing healthcare costs, patient care and insurance requirements and HIPAA compliance and privacy regulations, healthcare institutions are facing overwhelming challenges to provide affordable, high-quality patient care. Our healthcare customers have found that technology plays a vital role in improving efficiency and customer care, while reducing costs through Vologyʼs Managed IT Services.

At Vology, we specialize in meeting the customer care, regulatory and privacy requirements of the healthcare industry. We understand that doctors, nurses and administrators count on access to reliable, secure patient information every minute of every day. We focus on the information technology needed for your organization so you can focus on securing a positive experience for your patients and their families.


Meeting Tomorrow’s Education Needs Today

Secure Your Network and Their Futures.

For today’s educational institutions, faculty, staff and students, advanced technology isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. And expectations are high.

Vology applies the knowledge we’ve acquired in developing some of the most reliable, scalable and powerful networks in the corporate world and applied it to the classroom, helping educational institutions deliver and exceed customer expectations.

We understand that while you demand a network of unlimited capability, your budget may be limited. That’s OK—we can help you build, manage and grow the network you need with the budget you have.

The 21st century classroom is driven by technology. The only way to supply teachers and students with the tools, resources and information they need is to build and maintain a network infrastructure that’s robust, reliable and scalable.

That’s why Vology’s dedicated education division offers solutions specifically tailored to the IT needs of public and private schools and educational institutions. Our team of industry-certified engineers and experts provides advice and guidance to ensure that you have an IT strategy roadmap and purchase services and products appropriately to meet your needs today and in the future.


Trusted by More Than 850 Government Agencies

Looking for Faster, More Efficient IT Solutions? We’ll Spare You the Red Tape.

In an environment where government agencies are expected to do more with fewer dollars, Vology can help optimize your IT budget so you can do more and spend less.

With increasing demand for greater IT efficiency and shrinking technology budgets, the pressure is on to embrace virtualization and cloud computing, provide mobility and apps and keep it all running seamlessly and securely.

That’s why Vology supports the public sector with IT solutions for federal, state and local governments. Whether you’re just looking to purchase new technology or need end-to-end Managed IT Services, we’ll partner with you to create the solution that works best for you.

  • Technology at affordable prices. Vology has helped government agencies save millions of dollars on their networking, telephony and operational technology needs.
  • Certified IT professionals. Our government team consists of certified engineers and IT professionals, dedicated solely to agencies like yours. Vology brings unparalleled understanding of your technical, contractual, budgetary, political and regulatory needs.
  • Responsive Managed IT Services. In addition to on-premise IT management, we also help agencies comply with mandates and guidelines for moving to the Cloud.


Managed IT Service Solutions for Greater Security and Reliability

Bank on the Highest Standards for Customer Privacy and Protection.

Banks, financial institutions and financial service firms are under tremendous pressure and scrutiny to ensure compliance with regulations, maintain high standards for customer privacy, protection and service and uphold strict security standards to protect against cyberattacks.

The demands on IT services are increasing at an alarming rate from every department, from securities and finance to marketing and customer service. That’s why Vology specializes in meeting the needs of the financial community through collaboration to improve service delivery and communications and incorporate new technologies for greater efficiency and protection.


Is Your Business Future-Ready?

Are You Ready to Embrace New Technologies and Tackle Disruption?

With the highly competitive, complex retail industry facing a multitude of challenges in meeting the increasing consumer demand for products and services online and in-store, Vology understands the IT solutions you need to manage your business and deliver a positive customer experience while increasing profitability.

Every transaction depends on IT. At Vology, we provide integrated IT solutions. Our solutions provide the network infrastructure and Managed IT Services to track and monitor every aspect of your business from product supply-side sourcing and stocking to promotion and point of sale.

We help you process and monitor millions of transactions—securely and safely—so your customers receive the service they expect, without fail. We help you deliver on your promise to your customers.


Network Operations and Services to Keep Your Team Connected for the Future

We Promise Speed, Reliability and Efficiency.

At Vology, we help leverage and enhance the core capabilities of telecom providers for greater competitive advantage. That’s why Vology is a technology partner with some of the largest, most competitive telecom providers in the world, including AT&T.

To help drive innovation, create new products and increase efficiency, telecom providers are outsourcing their IT infrastructure and business needs to Vology’s Managed IT Services. Vology helps telecom providers develop more strategic operations, IT infrastructure, network security, mobility and effective communications.

By partnering with Vology, telecom companies can keep pace with the latest advancements in technology, leverage both the network infrastructure and data center and introduce new services more quickly. We support and enhance telecommunications companies’ ability to meet consumer expectations for performance, capacity and coverage of their networks and communication services, both wireless and digital.

  • Increased efficiency and innovation
  • Improved network and service performance
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

With proven people and processes, Vology’s Managed IT Services get the job done on a national scale. Our deep understanding of the industry’s operations, regulations and challenges gives us the ability to provide technology solutions to meet your needs today and well into the future.


When It Comes to IT, and Everything Else, You Don’t Need to Settle

The Case for Managed IT Services.

Vology specializes in providing IT infrastructure, management and support services to a host of legal firms, large and small.

With increased focus on information security, we help law firms meet the demanding regulatory, privacy and security requirements of their profession.

Our legal customers rely on Vology’s IT expertise so they can focus on their practice and customers and get the work done, seamlessly and securely.

Vology’s Managed IT Services provide a host of benefits:

  • Outsourcing IT services improves operational efficiency and reduces costs
  • Migrating to the Cloud helps small to mid-sized law firms compete with larger law firms
  • Adopting new technologies and web-based software and services streamlines workflows and communications
  • Using smart technologies helps ensure greater security for data management on mobile devices, laptops and tablets