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Vology Has You Covered. Anytime, Anywhere

Professional onsite technical support with over 2,200 technicians and global reach

Finding, recruiting and training technical field service personnel can be a costly and time-consuming task – especially when your onsite call volume is inconsistent.  With over 2,200 field technicians located throughout North American and extended reach globally, Vology can augment your capabilities and significantly expand your geographic reach. Whether you need a single field technician to replace a part or a team of technicians to perform simultaneous installations spanning multiple locations, Vology can provide the field service team you require – at any time, anywhere.

Responsive Service, Global Reach

Vology’s network of onsite field technicians average between 5 to 15 years experience in the technology industry and have demonstrated expertise installing, testing, repairing, and replacing a wide range of LAN/WAN, server, unified communications, workstation, and wireless technologies from leading equipment manufacturers. Available 24/7, Vology’s outside field technicians are ready to respond when you most need them.

Services Performed by Vology’s Field Technicians

Site Surveys – Physical inspection and assessment of the customer’s site(s) prior to installation

Onsite Installation – Physical installation, turn-up and testing of equipment at the customer’s site(s)

Troubleshooting and Onsite Part Replacement – Troubleshooting and parts replacement activities with 2-hour, 4-hour, same business day or next business day response times

Onsite Resources – When and Where You Need Them

Vology’s extensive field presence offers customers onsite reach that is a phone call or portal request away. Vology’s 24/7 Technical Support Center is available to receive requests and ensure the right technicians are scheduled to meet your needs.  Additionally, the Technical Support Center qualifies and reviews the scope of work with the responding technicians to ensure a successful outcome prior to the visit.

While technicians are at the customer’s site(s), the Technical Support Center supports the technicians throughout the call, ensuring the customer’s processes are followed and work is validated and confirmed prior leaving the site.

As a service-focused provider, we understand the importance of consistent, high-quality performance. Our field technicians have been trained and certified on multiple technologies as well as Vology’s service delivery model.  We continuously monitor our field resources for performance quality to ensure our technicians are knowledgeable about the products they support, arrive at the scheduled time, maintain a professional appearance, and deliver high-quality service consistently.

Expand Your Service Coverage Areas with Vology

  • Onsite technicians with experience installing, testing, repairing and replacing a wide variety of multi-vendor equipment become an extension of your team
  • Extensive geographic coverage reduces expensive travel for your team and allows them to keep focused on your business initiatives
  • 24/7 availability offers flexibility and optimal coverage
  • Established quality control processes and performance-based incentive plans ensure consistency and  quality
  • Over 146,000 Customer and Technician calls handled by our Technical Support Center annually
  • Over 24,000 annual customer site visits, with 96% on-time arrival and 99% issue success
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