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Safeguard Your Business with Vology’s Managed Security Services Provided from Raleigh, NC

The task of protecting your business from the ever‐evolving cyber threat landscape requires highly specialized expertise. To do it well, you need extensive in‐house resources, skills and time. Instead of trying to manage and monitor the security of your digital infrastructure on your own, why not partner with Vology?

Our certified experts provide managed security services remotely from Raleigh, North Carolina, safeguarding your valuable data and operations from costly breaches, while you focus on what you do best: Furthering the success of your business.

Vology is always on the hunt.

A common approach to IT security is to simply wait for an alert, which means security issues are addressed after the fact and often after the damage is done.

The security analysts at Vology take a much different line of attack. Instead of waiting, we proactively hunt for suspicious activity, unexpected traffic and other network anomalies. To do so, we continually work behind the scenes, gathering and analyzing security data gleaned from a wide variety of sources. Our preemptive methodology allows us to detect and address security issues before they have a chance to progress into major problems that affect your bottom line.

A customized security solution.

To ensure your data is fully protected, Vology offers a number of managed security services, including:

  • Implementing and configuring firewalls
  • Installing operating system‐level security patches and anti‐malware software
  • Training employees to detect and avoid phishing attempts
  • Preparing monitoring logs
  • And more

Even if you already use standard firewalls and anti‐virus systems, partnering with Vology for managed security services is a sensible choice. We provide a fully-customized security solution that leverages best‐in‐breed technologies, continuously evolves to handle the latest threats and grows alongside your business.

Contact Vology to learn more about our managed security services. You can speak with a representative at our office in Raleigh, NC, today. We provide more effective protection than an in‐house IT department.