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X-IO Storage Devices

In a world where efficiency and speed play a pivotal role in determining the quality of your enterprise's storage devices, you need a solution that can handle extreme capacities coupled by fast delivery. X-IO provides that storage solution with an impressive hardware development. As a partner of Vology, you can experience the amazing speed provided by X-IO hardware for your internal infrastructure or cloud-based developments. When access times play a major role in the daily activities of your organization, X-IO offers server-side solutions as well as virtual desktops that can keep everyone at peak performance levels.

While other storage solutions may refer to their capacities in the terabyte range, X-IO has devices that top at capacities according to petabytes. By using an impressive array of technology and integrating existing capabilities with solid-state drives, access times and application usage are vastly increased. Cloud solutions can operate at high-performance levels since they technologies reduce access times to data. Connect to the cloud-based RESTful management interface for the ISE Station X data center in order to control your deployments. The design functionality of rack-mounted solutions provides exceptional performance while consuming less power than some alternatives. For a lower cost, X-IO data storage can be configured for standard hard drives as well as for SAS. Allow Vology to help you determine your requirements and safety needs with self-healing storage devices.

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